A rolling cycle of lockdown and relaxation could reduce COVID-19 related deaths – University of Cambridge

An alternating cycle of 50 days of strict lockdown followed by 30 days of easing could be an effective strategy for reducing the number of COVID-19-related deaths and admissions to intensive care units, say an international team of researchers. This intermittent combination of strict social distancing, and a relatively relaxed period, with efficient testing, case […]

Leading through a pandemic webinar series – London Business School

Hosted by internationally acclaimed Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship Julian Birkinshaw, webinars will be broadcast twice a week and will feature faculty experts discussing the most pressing topics facing the world today. Upcoming webinars Tuesday 28 April 12.00 – 13.00 BST | Using a quarantine to improve your work and non-work relationships Dan Cable, Professor of […]

Global survey shows how the public are responding to COVID-19 – Imperial College London

New survey data reveals how people across the world are behaving in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The survey, launched by Imperial College London in partnership with YouGov, is collecting insights from 30,000 individuals every week across 29 countries. Tracking how the public’s behaviours and attitudes in relation to COVID-19 are evolving over time aims […]

OU partners with The Young Foundation to launch coronavirus citizen science project – The Open University

The Open University has partnered with UKRI accredited Independent Research Organisation, The Young Foundation to launch a landmark new project to capture the social impact of coronavirus on individuals and communities across the UK. Delivered on the OU’s citizen science platform, nQuire the project aims to understand how this generation-defining moment impacts the future of […]

Psychologists study mental health and social impacts of COVID-19 – University of Sheffield & Ulster University

Psychologists at the University of Sheffield have launched a study of the mental health and social impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic to understand how they affect the mental health and behaviour of UK citizens.A team of experts, led by Professor Richard Bentall at the University of Sheffield, are surveying 2,000 people in the UK now, […]

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