Study to understand how parents are coping with homeschooling – University of Winchester

Most parents of school-age children are now responsible for home schooling them, as the coronavirus lockdown in the UK continues. But without any experience or time to prepare, and alongside weathering the pandemic, jobs and other caring responsibilities, how are parents coping with the realities of ensuring their children carry on learning while schools are […]

What is distancing doing to our social lives and wellbeing? – University of Nottingham

An international study to inform government response to the pandemic and understand its societal impact Since the World Health Organization’s announcement, we have “officially” been living with the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, this means not going into work or even loss of employment altogether. Others may be distraught over the loss of […]

How sleep during lockdown affects older people – University of Bristol

Study to examine how sleep during lockdown affects older people with or without dementia The questionnaire-led study, called SleepQuest, aims to understand sleep quality, mental health and circadian rhythms in older people.  Up to 5,000 participants will be recruited through Join Dementia Research, social media and older people’s networks. The researchers believe that the current […]

Global survey shows how the public are responding to COVID-19 – Imperial College London

New survey data reveals how people across the world are behaving in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The survey, launched by Imperial College London in partnership with YouGov, is collecting insights from 30,000 individuals every week across 29 countries. Tracking how the public’s behaviours and attitudes in relation to COVID-19 are evolving over time aims […]

OU partners with The Young Foundation to launch coronavirus citizen science project – The Open University

The Open University has partnered with UKRI accredited Independent Research Organisation, The Young Foundation to launch a landmark new project to capture the social impact of coronavirus on individuals and communities across the UK. Delivered on the OU’s citizen science platform, nQuire the project aims to understand how this generation-defining moment impacts the future of […]

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