Partnership supports more than 200 pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds – Coventry University

A partnership between City Year UK and Coventry University has supported more than 200 Coventry school pupils identified as being most at risk of not fulfilling their potential. Coventry University partnered with City Year UK in 2019 to expand the charity’s UK programme to Coventry. Twenty young people, including Coventry University students, spent a year […]

Improving infant health in refugee camps, shortlisted for the Newton Prize 2020 – Coventry University

A Coventry University research project, aiming to develop a wearable, accurate and affordable respiratory monitor for newborn babies in refugee camps, has been shortlisted for the Newton Prize 2020. The first week of life is a pivotal point for infant survival, with respiratory distress syndrome presenting a significant threat of neonatal mortality. The monitoring of […]

Expected spike in victims of sexual violence seeking help once lockdown eases – Coventry University

A senior researcher at Coventry University believes there will be a spike in the number of victims of sexual violence seeking help once lockdown measures ease. Lorna O’Doherty, Associate Professor in Mental Health and Violence Prevention at Coventry University, is the principal investigator on the MESARCH project. The government-funded project focuses on sexual violence, evaluating […]

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