Britons hope to keep sustainable habits beyond lockdown – Cardiff University

Britons hope to keep sustainable habits beyond Covid-19 lockdown, research suggests Britons are keen to continue with low-carbon lifestyle choices adopted during lockdown, according to research by Cardiff University and The University of Manchester. Two wide-ranging surveys conducted by the UK Centre for Climate and Social Transformation (CAST), which is coordinated by Cardiff University, suggested […]

A green COVID-19 response could stop climate change and reboot the economy – Cardiff University

Green Covid-19 recovery packages could boost economic growth and help stop climate change, a Cardiff University academic says. Dr Jennifer Allan, a lecturer in International Relations, is part of the COP26 Universities Network, which has drawn on the latest research to create a briefing for policymakers outlining a path to net-zero emissions economic recovery from […]

Scientists call for urgent research into using mouthwash to reduce coronavirus spread – Cardiff University

A group of scientists has called for urgent research into whether readily-available mouthwash could be effective in reducing SARS-CoV-2 transmission. The group carried out a review of scientific research in this area, published in the journal Function, to assess whether mouthwash could have the potential to reduce transmission in the early stages of infection. The […]

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