Social contact and physical distancing behaviours during COVID-19 – University of Bristol

It is known that coronavirus spreads between close contacts. Researchers at the University of Bristol are investigating social contact patterns and physical distancing behaviours to help understand how the virus spreads. Understanding these contact patterns, and how people physically distance from each other in different settings and among different groups, will help policy makers design […]

‘Germ Defence’ behaviour change website will help public transition to ‘new normal’ – University of Bristol

An evidence-based, behaviour change website, already proven successful in reducing infection transmissions for seasonal and swine flu, has been rapidly redeveloped and adapted in response to coronavirus. The researchers behind ‘Germ Defence’ from the universities of Bristol, Bath and Southampton hope that the quick redevelopment of the site for COVID-19 will help the public to […]

Using social and behavioural science to manage life during COVID-19 – University of Kent

An international team including psychologists from Kent has addressed ways to manage different aspects of life under the spread of COVID-19. In a paper published by Nature Human Behaviour, Karen Douglas, Professor of Social Psychology at Kent, considers how we can globally combat conspiracy theories, while Dr Aleksandra Cichocka, Senior Lecturer in Political Psychology, examines […]

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