Expected spike in victims of sexual violence seeking help once lockdown eases – Coventry University

A senior researcher at Coventry University believes there will be a spike in the number of victims of sexual violence seeking help once lockdown measures ease. Lorna O’Doherty, Associate Professor in Mental Health and Violence Prevention at Coventry University, is the principal investigator on the MESARCH project. The government-funded project focuses on sexual violence, evaluating […]

COVID-19 symptom checker and advice tracker app – Ulster University

Researchers from Ulster University’s Schools of Engineering and Computing have developed an app to check for COVID-19 symptoms and provide advice. The app collects information, checks for symptoms, helps perform diagnostics and provides advice. Data from the app can also be used to aid contact tracing and inform policy and decision makers in their overall recovery strategy. A novel add-on to improve overall result accuracy is the […]

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