Imperial Lates Online: Healthcare Heroes – Imperial College London

Illustration of hospital worker

Imperial Lates Online are free after-hours adult events exploring cutting-edge science and engineering at Imperial in creative ways. Be inspired and join Imperial College London for a week of discovery as their researchers share the wonder of what they do.

Hear personal stories from those who are working on the pandemic frontline and those who are developing the hospitals of the future. Join Imperial College London to explore how cutting-edge research is improving our NHS for patients and staff alike as we celebrate the people who care for our nation.

  • Get hands-on and crafting with artist Sarah Christie to creatively explore what puts the care in healthcare
  • Join an expert panel to discuss how we can provide better and more integrated care across our communities, councils, care homes and hospitals
  • Listen to stories from our newly graduated medical students who faced their first shifts on the hospital wards during a global pandemic
  • When will it be ready? How do you make a vaccine to treat a billion people? Put your questions to our Covid vaccine developers in a unique Reddit AMA

Imperial Lates Online are most suitable for over 18s.

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