Taking your ‘mental health temperature’ and developing COVID-19 tests – the top stories from US universities

Illustration of people being 2m apart due to COVID-19
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Here are the top stories shared across social media by US universities for the 12th – 19th August.

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  1. Yale have developed a quick and affordable COVID saliva test, and its being used already by the NBA – Yale University (Reached 96,392 people)
  1. Taking your ‘mental health temperature’ during the pandemic; Yale doctors offer strategies for coping – Yale University (Reached 83,464 people)
  1. Vaping is linked to a substantial increase in COVID risk among young people – Stanford University (Reached 59,953 people)
  1. Whilst tinkering with CRISPR gene editing tool, MIT researchers make COVID breakthrough – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Reached 54,876 people)
  1. How MIT built its own COVID testing trailer – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Reached 53,795 people)
  1. Yale launch phase three of a COVID vaccine trial – Yale University (Reached 43,069 people)
  1. COVID-19 Death toll rivals 1918 flu epidemic – Yale University (Reached 39,477 people)
  1. Speeding to develop COVID-19 diagnostic tests – Stanford University (Reached 38,583)
  1. Mississippi State president call on everyone to observe the “Cowbell Well” and do their part to slow COVID spread – Mississippi State University (Reached 37,660 people)
  1. UGA ranked in the top ten schools working to solve the coronavirus pandemic – University of Georgia (Reached 34,441 people)

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