Redesigning cities, managing COVID in homes and in prisons, and much more from the US – 4th August

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Here are the top 10 stories shared by US universities for the week of the 28th July – 4th August.

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  1. Study links jailing practices to COVID-19 spread in wider community – Harvard University (Reached 61,568 people)
  1. Vaccines may arrive in record time, but the virus has been faster – Harvard University (Reached 60,587 people)
  1. Why are more men than women dying of COVID-19, Harvard researchers explore the data – Harvard University (Reached 59,621 people)
  1. UT Austin reacts to a New York Times story on university infection rates – University of Texas Austin (Reached 59,454 people)
  1. New study investigates why COVID-19 causes a loss of smell – Harvard University (Reached 58,622 people)
  1. U.S. markets are likely to face an extremely tough road ahead. At an MIT Sloan event, financial experts discussed measures that may help – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Reached 54,072 people)
  1. Johns Hopkins researchers have received $35 million in funding from the @DeptofDefense for two nationwide clinical trials (Reached 51,876 people)
  1. Coronavirus may cause a spirituality surge, argues Yale Divinity School academic – Yale University (Reached 47,747)
  1. How can we reimagine urban environment post-pandemic? – Yale University (Reached 42,560 people)
  1. Animated guide to stoping the spread of COVID-19 in the home – Yale University (Reached 41,481 people)

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