Children’s book connects clapping for carers with caring for NHS – Goldsmiths University

Journalist and Goldsmiths, University of London BA Journalism lecturer Ellie Levenson writes children’s books as Eleanor Levenson, and is founder of a publishing house, Fisherton Press.

Her latest book, We Love the NHS has been written for kids aged 3-8 to explain what the NHS is, why it was founded, how it is funded, who works for it and who can use it.

We Love the NHS was published on 5 July 2020 – the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of the UK’s NHS and social care system – and is available to buy online from Amazon and from independent book stores.

Copies can also be bought from the Fishteron Press website to donate to schools and hospitals.

In the midst of the book’s early success, she spoke to the team at Goldsmiths and you can read the full story here:

With We Love the NHS in particular I want children – and their adults – to make the connection between what we have been clapping for these past weeks during the pandemic, and the need to cherish and fund the NHS for future generations, and to know that it will only continue to exist if we work to ensure it does so.

The book references the pandemic only in a small way – with some rainbows and people clapping on the front cover, because we need the NHS at all times, not just times of national crisis.

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