Learning from historic pandemics and the rest of the top US stories – 8th July

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Here are the top stories shared on social media by US universities for the week of the 1st – 7th July.

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  1. In 1918 Boston was ground zero for a global pandemic and Harvard staff were on the frontline in the response – Harvard University (Reached 86,563 people)
  1. Yale researchers are investigating the mysterious clotting causing serious COVID-19 complications – Yale University (Reached 58,970 people)
  1. A team of Yale staff and students have built a PPE tracking tool for local hospital’s and public health organisations – Yale University (Reached 54,234 people)
  1. The secret to Connecticut’s success tackling COVID-19 – Yale University (Reached 53,176 people)
  1. How MIT students have managed their PhD studies during the pandemic – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Reached 47,963 people)
  1. MU professor producing a rapid response study to tackle COVID-19 – University of Missouri (Reached 44,907 people)
  1. MIT Medical school faculty tackle how to wear a mask and glasses at the same time – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Reached 44,185 people)
  1. How one Ohio State student created an online support group for carers – Ohio State University (Reached 37,234)
  1. UCLA infectious disease ecologist discusses why some people spread COVID-19 more than others – University of California, Los Angeles (Reached 30,655 people)
  1. Three Texas A&M students have been working with state public health to help tackle COVID-19 – Texas A&M (Reached 30,028 people)

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