The current Covid-19 surge in the US is “getting out of hand”. The top 10 stories from US universities – 1st July

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Here are the top stories shared on social media by US universities for the week of the 23rd – 30th June.

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  1. The current COVID-19 surge in the US is more widespread and has the potential to take off – Harvard University (Reached 80,453 people)
  1. UNC alumnus, Kizzmekia Corbett, is leading the search for COVID-19 vaccine, and breaking barriers along the way – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Reached 65,944 people)
  1. Harvard Kennedy School faculty discuss how coronavirus is changing the world – Harvard University (Reached 63,309 people)
  1. Culture vs COVID-19, how cultural differences affect responses to coronavirus – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (48,982 people)
  1. Potential COVID-19 vaccines being made to be mass-produced in tobacco plants – Texas A&M University (Reached 46,829 people)
  1. How COVID-19 could affect firefighters battling US wildfires – Yale University (Reached 43,482 people)
  1. Summer Food and Nutrition Programme launched to tackle local food poverty – Princeton University (Reached 35,678)
  1. Research projects using AI to tackle COVID-19 – Princeton University (Reached 34,895 people)
  1. Facemask Q&A’s answers from public health experts – Indiana University (Reached 34,470 people)
  1. Using AI to tackle COVID-19 – Texas A&M University (Reached 32,622 people)

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