Radiography equipment loaned to train for coronavirus response – University of Salford Manchester

X-ray showing pneumonia

The University of Salford has loaned two CT Phantoms, which are imaging models of the chest and abdomen, to help train radiographers in techniques to diagnose Covid-19.

CT scans provide a clear picture of what is going on inside a patients’ lungs. This imaging plays a central role in the diagnosis and monitoring of Covid-19 patients.

Alliance Medical provide medical imaging services and employ radiographers from a range of specialities. To meet the demand of an increase in CT services during the coronavirus pandemic, they have developed an internal training programme designed to upskill their existing staff who previously had little CT experience to undertake CT imaging within a limited scope of practice.

Dr Andrew Tootell, Senior Lecturer at the University of Salford, said: “We were delighted to be able to provide our imaging models of the chest and abdomen to Alliance Medical, so that staff can train practically in a safe and controlled environment before scanning patients. The models are structurally the same as the human body and when scanned, produce images that are very similar to those produced from patients. This means staff can learn how to correctly produce high quality diagnostic images.”

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