Staying safe in a COVID-19 summer, and the rest of the top stories from US universities – 22nd June

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Here are the top stories shared on social media by US universities for the week of the 15th – 22nd June.

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  1. How to enjoy safe 2020 summer family activities – Yale University (Reached 215,032 people)
  1. Protesting amid a pandemic – Yale University (Reached 140,138 people)
  1. How longstanding racism has caused both the recent protests and the high COVID-19 death rates amongst people of colour – Harvard University (Reached 62,743 people)
  1. How we could slow down future outbreaks of coronavirus – Harvard University (Reached 61,836 people)
  1. Mapping MIT’s work to tackle COVID-19 – Massachusettes Institute of Technology (Reached 59,246 people)
  1. LSU’s virtual graduation plans – Lousianna State University (Reached 38,958 people)
  1. When and how Ohio State responded, a timeline – Ohio State University (Reached 33,878 people)
  1. Saliva based test could be a game changed – Arizona State University (Reached 32,779 people)
  1. Crunching numbers to fight COVID-19 and beyond – Cornell University (Reached 29,175 people)
  1. National dashboard shows how social and economic health affects COVID-19 outcomes – Emory University (Reached 27,781)

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