Support for businesses, face visors for children and identifying biological ‘warning signs’ – 16th June

Illustration of people being 2m apart due to COVID-19

Here’s a round-up of some of the latest stories about UK university COVID-19 projects and initiatives shared on social media over the last 24 hours. 

1. Ulster University launches business support initiative to help organisations recover from COVID-19

A dedicated business support website, free one-to-one business support sessions and a webinar series are just a few services offered by Ulster University Business School’s (UUBS)

COVID-19 business support initiative.

The University aims to help organisations respond and adapt to the ‘new normal’ as the country emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

2. Kingston University produces protective face shields for local key workers

The ongoing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) shortage continues to put key workers at greater risk of contracting COVID-19. 

To help keep key workers safe, Kingston University technicians are printing and laser-cutting 300 face shields each week and are donating them to local key workers. 

3. University of Southampton community takes action to help in the fight against COVID-19

The University of Southampton is making significant contributions to the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The University’s work includes designing a protective respirator hood for frontline NHS staff and running clinical trials for a new vaccine to modelling the global spread of the pandemic.

4. University of Sheffield podcast explores the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on the environment

In the latest episode of the University of Sheffield’s podcast series, Coronavirus, Examined, researcher Dr Stuart Walker at the University’s Chemical and Biological Engineering School discusses how the lockdown measures have impacted the environment. 

5. Keele University discusses how retailers will face challenges and adapt to the ‘new normal’ 

Rachel Lee, Teaching Fellow in Marketing from Keele Business School, discusses the challenges retailers face following the lockdown and the measures that will be put in place to manage social distancing on the University’s blog. 

6. Cranfield University announces hackathon with prizes of up £3,000

In collaboration with the National Environment Research Council (NERC), Cranfield University is running a virtual hackathon this month to address the consequences and environmental impacts of COVID-19. 

Entrants can work together or in teams, drawing on NERC data to create open, digital environmental solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

7. University of Wales Trinity Saint David make face visors for school children 

As children in Swansea are set to return to school on 29th June, a team from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s Swansea College of Art have been making face visors to help keep children safe in the classroom. 

8. Birkbeck University of London to online talk to help adults manage anxiety levels during the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has caused and worsened anxiety for many adults. As part of the Birkbeck Inspires series of programmes, activities and resources, Birkbeck University is holding an online talk to share evidence-based strategies to help cope with anxiety. 

The talk will be held online today, Tuesday 16th June at 7pm. You can book your place on the University’s website in advance. 

9. University of Aberdeen receives £100,000 funding to identify biological ‘warning signs’ of COVID-19

A team of researchers at the University of Aberdeen have been granted £100,000 of funding from NHS Grampian Endowments to identify the ‘biomarkers’ that make some people more susceptible to developing severe COVID-19 symptoms. 

The team will explore why some patients develop potentially fatal blood clots in their lungs. 

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