How genes, race, poverty, and weather all affect COVID-19 impact the top US stories – 16th June

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Here are the top-performing social media stories from US universities for the week of 10th – 16th June

  1. Why do some people fall ill from COVID-19 while others infected with the virus experience no symptoms? – Harvard University (Reached 83145 people)
  1. Not wearing a face mask dramatically increases a person’s chances of being infected by the #COVID19 virus – Texas A&M University (Reached 82,373 people)
  1. Racial disparities of #COVID19 are a consequence of racist social structures – Yale University (Reached 72,357 people)
  1. Which businesses should be open? – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Reached 54,945 people)
  1. The inside story of Ohio’s public health response to COVID-19 – Ohio State University (Reached 48,442 people)
  1. COVID-19 transmission may increase in colder weather – Harvard University (Reached 44,381 people)
  1. How race and the US public health system is driving the gulf in COVID-19 fatality rates – Princeton University (Reached 43,851 people)
  1. Fighting social isolation with robots – Yale University (Reached 39,833 people)
  1. COVID-19 models must take into account the spread through care homes – Cornell University (Reached 38,541 people)
  1. How will the pandemic, race and the economy effect the 2020 elections – UCLA (Reached 34,984 people)

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