The world is drinking less in lockdown, care packages for frontline staff and legal advice for festival ticket holders – 12th June

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Here’s a round-up of some of the latest stories about UK university COVID-19 projects and initiatives shared on social media in the last 24 hours.

1. Programme to develop antibody tests will track the number of infected people – Keele University and Imperial College London

Keele University has joined a national programme to develop diagnostic tests for COVID-19 to evaluate the number of people who have been infected with the virus. 

The programme is being led by Imperial College London who are also working alongside specialist partners. 

2. University of Sheffield research shows nursery staff forced provide basics to families in poverty through COVID-19 crisis

In partnership with the University of Sheffield, Early Education carried out a study surveying 123 nursery school providers. It showed concern among staff about the most vulnerable children and families as attendance dropped and contact was not maintained with the university. 

It also found that nursery staff are providing food and basic essentials to some families as a result of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. 

3. University of Cambridge professor predicts COVID-19 pandemic has only just begun

Professor Jorge Goncalves, Principal Research Associate in Information Engineering at the University of Cambridge, has been using his expertise in mathematical modelling and artificial intelligence to help tackle the COVID-19 crisis. 

He shares his thoughts on the pandemic in a blog post on the University’s website. 

4. University of Manchester lecturer delivers care packages to frontline staff

Dr Ali Haider, a GP and part-time lecturer at the University of Manchester has been delivering care packages to frontline workers including nurses, police officers, firefighters and nursing home staff.

He has invested a considerable sum of his own money to fund the care packages. 

5. Oxford Brookes University survey shows people are drinking less in lockdown

Preliminary results of a study into drinking behaviour during the COVID-19 by Oxford Brookes University show that over a quarter of participants have been drinking less frequently during the lockdown.

40,000 people have contributed to the survey so far. A full report of the findings will be released in July. 

6. Birkbeck University professor explores changing attitudes to climate change during the pandemic

Dr Pamela Yeow, MBA Programme Director at Birkbeck University, discusses how ethical consumerism has been affected during the COVID-19 pandemic in an article on the University’s blog. 

7. University of London researchers call out for sensory survey participants

Researchers at the University of London are conducting a survey to explore the reported COVID-19 symptom of anosmia (loss of taste and smell). 

It’s hoped the study will help scientists better understand the infection to provide people with the most appropriate advice. 

8. The University of Buckingham to hold webinar discussing the rights of festival-goers as events are cancelled

As summer festivals for 2020 are cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 crisis and organisers have varying policies regarding refunds, the University of Buckingham is hosting a webinar to discuss the legal rights of ticket holders. 

The webinar is scheduled for Tuesday 16th June at 1pm. 

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