Will the pandemic lead to a better kind of brand? – UEA

Will the pandemic lead to a new kind of “conscious brand”? Brand Leadership at UEA Robert Jones suggests it might. 

The move to providing services and connecting people online, coupled with a deeper shift from individual to collective values could both lead to a change in the way brands behave. 

Robert, who is also a strategist at branding agency Wolff Olins, poses that the pandemic could be a catalyst for a new “emotionally intelligent, organic, constantly morphing’ brand – the conscious brand.” 

“After the crisis, some habits will bounce back. But underlying mindsets will see a lasting change. So the crisis is changing how we live and, in a way, why we live. All this will give rise to a new kind of brand: the conscious brand.”

Robert Jones professor of Brand Leadership at UEA.

He suggests that we haven’t yet seen this transformation from brands but we might first be seeing it in the political style of the leaders of Finland and New Zealand.

You can read the full piece on the UEA Community Blog 

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