Spike in sexual violence victims expected, face masks could prevent a second wave of COVID-19 and the future of flying – 11th June

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Here’s a round-up of some of the latest stories about UK university COVID-19 projects and initiatives shared on social media in the last 24 hours.

1. Senior researcher predicts spike in victims of sexual violence asking for help when lockdown ends – Coventry University 

Dr Lorna O’Doherty, an associate professor at Coventry University, is a principal investigator for the government-funded project MESARCH, which studies and evaluates the health and wellbeing of victims of sexual violence. 

Dr O’Doherty explains how lockdown restrictions limit access to support such as GP surgeries, friends and neighbours.

2. Call out for participants to contribute to study on the impact of physical activity during lockdown – University of Huddersfield 

Researchers at the School of Human and Health Sciences, the University of Huddersfield, Dr Liane B. Azevedo and Dr Susanna Kola-Palmer, are calling out for people to participate in a study into the effects of physical activity on mental wellbeing during the lockdown period.  

The survey takes around 30 minutes to complete and 30 participants will be rewarded with Amazon vouchers worth £50.

3. University of Greenwich lecturer shares experiences of volunteering at the Nightingale Hospital in London

Senior lecturer at the University of Greenwich, Diane Norton, jumped at the opportunity to support the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic by volunteering at the Nightingale facility in London. 

She shares her experiences of caring for COVID-19 patients on the University’s blog.  

4. University of Cambridge study shows facemasks could prevent a second wave of COVID-19 infections

A modelling study by researchers at the University of Cambridge shows that wearing face masks in public spaces could prevent a second wave of COVID-19 infections and deaths.

Researchers recommend the publication of more information campaigns encouraging people to make and wear face masks.

5. Experts discuss survival strategies for UK businesses during the COVID-19 crisis – London Business School 

Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy at London Business School will be discussing the strategies UK firms are using to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Joined by experts including John van Reenen and Gordon Y Billard, in the webinar, UK firms and Covid-19: Survival, Management and Strategy, which will take place on Friday 12th June at 1pm. 

6. Nottingham Trent University explores the challenges faced by Marks & Spencer during the COVID-19 pandemic

Nottingham Trent University, Retail Research Associate, Nelson Blackley discusses the challenges facing high street giant, Marks & Spencer, before, during and after the COVID-19 crisis on the University’s blog. 

7. Cranfield University research assesses the impact of COVID-19 on the future of the air transport industry

In a research project led by Cranfield University, in-depth interviews with senior aviation executives and analysis of flight and air freight data have informed an early assessment of the future of the air transport industry.

Academics conclude that following the COVID-19 crisis, the sector will be smaller and more consolidated. 

8. City University of London professor co-designs comic strip in response to COVID-19 accessibility appeal

Dr Ernesto Priego responded to two creatives briefs around the theme of accessibility set by the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB) and the United Nations by co-designing a comic strip.

Community Matters: Please Be Kind. (A COVID-19 Response Comic) communicates the experiences of a visually impaired person navigating social distancing measures in the UK. 

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