Expected spike in victims of sexual violence seeking help once lockdown eases – Coventry University

A senior researcher at Coventry University believes there will be a spike in the number of victims of sexual violence seeking help once lockdown measures ease. Lorna O’Doherty, Associate Professor in Mental Health and Violence Prevention at Coventry University, is the principal investigator on the MESARCH project. The government-funded project focuses on sexual violence, evaluating […]

Widespread facemask use could prevent a second COVID-19 wave – University of Cambridge

Even basic homemade masks significantly reduce transmission at a population level, according to latest modelling. Researchers call for information campaigns that encourage the making and wearing of facemasks. Population-wide use of facemasks keeps the coronavirus ‘reproduction number’ under 1.0, and prevents further waves of the virus when combined with lockdowns, a modelling study led by […]

Will the pandemic lead to a better kind of brand? – UEA

Robert Jones is a strategist at Wolff Olins and professor of Brand Leadership at UEA. He writes that a time of great crisis can spark positive change and this pandemic will be the catalyst for a completely new kind of ’emotionally intelligent, organic, constantly morphing’ brand – the conscious brand.  I both teach about, and work in, branding – one of […]

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