How to be a patient with COVID-19 and the top 10 stories from US universities – 9th June

Frontline. Inspired by images of exhausted doctors and nurses. Image created by Kevin Kobsic. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives - help stop the spread of COVID-19.
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Here are the top-performing social media stories from US universities for the week of 3rd June – 9th June

  1. How to be a COVID-19 patient, advice from author and Yale nurse Sana Goldberg – Yale University  (Reached 62,631 users)
  1. Stopping the spread of Covid-19 during protests – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Reached 44,130 users)
  1. Coronavirus ripping ‘massive band-aid’ off health inequality – Yale University (Reached 40,037 users)
  1. How food shortages and price rises might be around for a while – Arizona State University (Reached 35,670 users)
  1. Study shows how COVID-19 is shifting public and private behaviour – Arizona State University (Reached 33,732 users)
  1. Major study shows COVID-19 infects nose first then lungs, indicates why mask-wearing is vital – University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill (32,262 users)
  1. Live discussion of the US response to COVID-19 – Columbia University (Reached 31,199 users)
  1. Minority populations are being disproportionately affected by COVID-19 – Arizona State University (Reached 30,310 users)
  1. How New York’s phase one reopening will affect NYU – New York University (Reached 27,828 users)
  1. LSU’s DeepDrug team is using AI to tackle COVID-19 – Louisiana State University (Reached 26,859 users)

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