Putting 2020 graduate art shows online for all

Sarah Ryan of NewBloodArt.com usually spends her summer doing tours of university and art college graduation art shows, scouting for exciting new works and artists.

However, this year with university campuses on lockdown Sarah has turned her website into a virtual degree show for 13 (at current count) UK institutions.

The current situation is heartbreaking for graduating students and in response we have offered to showcase any 2020 art graduates on NewBloodArt – where the public will be able to browse and buy their artwork.

Here buyers have been able to invest in the work of emerging artists right at the start of their careers.

Sarah Ryan, Founder of NewBloodArt

Giving the graduating artists a platform to show their work to a wide audience including buyers and the press.

You can view all the students’ work here on Sarah’s site. We’ve chosen a small selection of our favourites below:

Frailer Still (2019)
Henry Glover
Wimbledon College of Art
Avocado Room (2020)
Sizuo Chen
Central Saint Martins
By Louise Greenwell
Falmouth University
True Form Cafe Wall Illusion (2019)
Ashley Chadwick
University of Gloucestershire
Window, Campeche. Detail No 2. (2019)
Charles Binns
Central Saint Martins
Sumatran Tiger (2020)
Rachel Jefferson
The University of Sunderland
Kerrera II (2018)
Catherine Horton
Falmouth University
Anachronistic (2020)
Huiping Yang
Central Saint Martins
Boundaries (2019)
Adonia Hirst
Newcastle University
Blue Water (2020)
Abigail Lence
University of Leeds
A.A Series (2020)
Catherine Morgan
University of Leeds
Walking home with Mohair Mandy (2020)
Madeline Rolt
Falmouth University
Hannah Absalom
Glasgow School of Art
Transitional State 2 
Annie Crowe
Manchester Metropolitan University
Egg on it’s side (2020)
Abby Wright
Central Saint Martins
Blossom (2019)
Ella Jackson
Manchester Metropolitan University
Close ups (2019)
Evangeline Baldwin
Chelsea College of Art
Keats’ Shower II (2019)
Daisy Baker
University of Leeds
Powering the Cloud #2 (2020)
Katie Hallam
Edinburgh College of Art
Society Reproduces Doubt (2020)
Molly Kent
University of Edinburgh
Skid Row (2020)
Malin Cederlund
The Glasgow School of Art
Clean Dresser (2019)
Julia Pomeroy
Leeds Arts University
Scrap Materials 3 (2020)
Emily Clarke
 Falmouth University

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