Here comes the General! – campus closures from history and the other top 10 stories from the US – 2nd June

Lithograph of President George Washington

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Here are the top-performing social media stories from US universities for the week of 27th May – 2nd June.

1. Here comes the general! Looking back on previous campus closures, including evacuating for George Washington and the Continental Army – Harvard (Reached 67,315 users)

2. Not coordinating reopening across regions could cause regional hotspots – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Reached 57,344 users) 

3. A safer method for patients sharing ventilators – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Reached 54,192 users) 

4. Bangladesh’s 900,000 Rohingya refugees, living in overcrowded camps, are extremely vulnerable to COVID19 – Yale (Reached 44,716 users) 

5. Study shows older people taking hypertension treatments have a lower risk of COVID-19 hospitalisation – Yale (Reached 39,381 users) 

6. New COVID-19 test could be “as easy as spitting into a tube” – Arizona State University (Reached 39,259 users) 

7. Exploring the ethical issues surrounding the pandemic – Yale Divinity School (Reached 37,387 users)

8. Creating a colouring book to help children cope with the pandemic – Arizona State University (Reached 33,105 users) 

9. Collaborating with doctors and students to help the coronavirus fight – University of North Carolina (Reached 32,247 users) 

10. Staying connected during lockdown – University of Missouri (Reached 32,187 users)

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