Academics wanted for coronavirus expert database

Coronavirus illustration

ExpertFile, a global platform for universities to promote their experts has launched a special search engine for academics addressing any issues related to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The site is used by organisations seeking relevant expertise – such as governments, media, publishers, conference planners, courts and businesses.

They are calling for nominations to join the rank of experts being profiled:

“In a world immersed in great crisis and unprecedented uncertainty, ExpertFile’s mission (as a global platform for accessible experts) is to draw on the most qualified, knowledgeable, experienced, and insightful expertise to guide us through. Our own contribution (at this time of need) involves launching a dedicated COVID-19 search engine for experts – those who are the most informed individuals to help with issues of human health and welfare, community and society, economic recovery, protection and safety, employment and at-home work, technology and infrastructure among other impacts. 

“Our request, and that of our own community of registered experts, is for nominations of relevant experts from universities in order to make them more easily found, and allowing for their important voices to be heard.”  

Peter Evans, CEO of ExpertFile

The ExpertFile platform and community of experts have a proven track record of stimulating international interest and driving engagement with media, policy-makers, businesses, and others that are actively seeking experts to help them.

You can also find ExpertFile on twitter: @ExpertFile.

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