The sounds of New York in lockdown, and the other top nine stories from US universities – 26th May

Subway message to travellers in New York during the pandemic
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Here are the top-performing social media stories from US universities for the week of 19th – 26th May.

UNC-Chapel Hill – Accelerating COVID-19 research

Emory University – ABC News report on antibody discovery

IU Bloomington – New fabric kills coronavirus on contact

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Crowdsourced list of global science talks

New York University – The sounds of New York in lockdown

Emory University – COVID-19 hackathon winners

University of Virginia – Children’s book for communities stricken by COVID19

Princeton University – AI diagnosis of X-rays

University of California San Diego – Remote monitoring platform for mild coronavirus cases

University of Chicago – Balancing privacy and public health

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