Study launched to investigate how our diet has changed during lockdown – University of Nottingham

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A new study investigating how people’s eating habits and access to food has been affected during lockdown has been launched.

Volunteers from across the UK are needed to take part in the COVID-19 Dietary Study being carried out by the Division of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Nottingham. The online study will provide valuable insight into how the UK’s food situation has changed and could be used to inform future research and policy to help improve food supply and security during a pandemic.

“We have seen a huge shift in access to food since the start of the pandemic with empty supermarket shelves a common sight and some products still difficult to get. Households may also be less financially secure following a changed employed status or loss of employment. We want to find how these factors have affected people’s diets and eating habits.”

Dr Simon Welham

Participants in the study will be asked to complete a short online survey to find out about their current food and social situation. Then there is the option to provide a food diary logging food and drinks consumed over four consecutive days (including one weekend day) using an online app.

Simon continues: “By having two parts to the research people can get involved in whatever way suits them best. They can just fill out the online survey or choose to complete the food diary element too. We hope to get a large cross section of society taking part so we can really build a picture of how the pandemic has affected a wide range of people. Our initial findings will be provided to the government to help inform future policy on food supply and security.”

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