“The UK must take real care of its universities,” says former PM Tony Blair

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Former Prime Minister Tony Blair told a Financial Times conference yesterday that the UK needs to “take real care” of its universities. 

Speaking to an online audience at “The Global Boardroom” event, Blair told the FT’s political editor, George Parker, that UK universities would be critical to both the UK’s own response to the pandemic as well as being able to help developing nations: 

The other thing we should do is take real care of our universities, our universities are one of the strongest points of the British economy, they’re one of the strongest selling points of Britain.” 

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair
Tony Blair talking to George Parker of the FT at the FT’s “The Global Boardroom” online event.

Blair said that universities faced challenges from Brexit as well as COVID-19:

“They’re going to face difficulties like everyone else is going to, they’re likely to have a big drop in income from foreign students, but what we do as universities in the UK, that is also very powerful export tool if we want to use it.”

Tony Blair

In supporting the global response, Blair suggested UK universities could and should have a central role: “You could do an immense amount of good in some of the poorest countries in the world because today, countries have got to have higher education institutions of quality to succeed.”

You can see the full video of the former prime minister’s interview, as well as conversations with Emmanuel Macron and discussions on the future of the high street, automotive industry and travel and much more here: https://globalboardroom.ft.com/vod 

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