Creative work during the pandemic, COVID-19 facts for kids and academic working life- Monday 11th May

illustration of sowing machine and women wearing face masks

Here’s a round-up of some of the stories about UK university COVID-19 projects and initiatives shared on social media over the bank holiday weekend.

1. Lancaster University call for creative work made during the COVID-19 outbreak

Lancaster University social scientists are asking the public to share recent creative projects including photos, artwork, videos, blogs, poetry and essays to document the public experience of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The submissions will be part of a freely accessible archive with the goal to help people care for one another. 

2. The University of Gloucestershire celebrates students working during COVID-19

The University of Gloucestershire will be sharing the individual stories of students working and volunteering on the frontlines during the pandemic. 

From health and social care to work in shops, the university will be celebrating student contributions. 

3. Bournemouth University launch study into the impact of lockdown on work-life balance for academics

Bournemouth University is studying the changes to the work-life balance of academics working under the restrictions of lockdown. 

The research aims to help universities and staff understand how to improve academic life during and after the COVID-19 crisis. 

4. The University of Edinburgh studies sleep and mood during the lockdown

The University of Edinburgh is carrying out a worldwide study into the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the sleep and mood of participants. 

5. Edge Hill University launch research project to improve COVID-19 messages for children

Edge Hill University is collaborating with Keele University to find out the best way to share coronavirus news, information and safety tips with children in the UK. 

It’s not currently clear if the information being given to children about COVID-19 is effective. 

6. University College London (UCL) study shows anxiety about the future is affecting mental health

UCL Associate Professor Psychobiology & Epidemiology, Dr Daisy Fancourt, shared the findings of the UCL COVID-19 Social Study on Sky News. 

The research shows that uncertainty about future events is having an adverse impact on the mental health of participants. 

7. The University of Huddersfield collaborates to make essential hand gel to meet frontline demand

In collaboration with Surfachem, the University of Huddersfield is making 30,000 litres of hand gel each day. 

The gel is distributed to frontline services including care homes, hospitals and pharmacies. 

8. Student nurse works for NHS and home-schools four children – De Monfort University (DMU) Leicester

Rickelle Mayers is a student nurse at DMU Leicester and a mother of four children. She has joined the frontline response to COVID-19 working on wards in hospitals in Leicester.

After working her shifts, she returns home to help her four children with their studies.  

9. The University of Aberdeen fundraises for students in financial crisis

As students experience financial difficulty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Aberdeen has set up the COVID-19 525 Bursary Fund to help students in need. 

The university hopes to raise £150,000. 

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