Weekend social media round-up for 2nd & 3rd May

UK universities continue to research, innovate and support communities. 

Here are some of the best stories about UK university projects shared on social media over the weekend. 

1. Study finds that most pavements are too narrow for social distancing – The Barlett, University College London (UCL)

Analysis by UCL shows that two-thirds of pavements in London are not wide enough to observe the government’s social distancing advice. 

The study found that just 36% of pavements are at least three metres wide which would allow people to stay the government’s required two metres apart.  

2. Education experts share free resources to help home-school children – Cambridge University

Parents and carers are juggling regular parenting responsibilities and their new roles as home-school teachers in lockdown. 

Cambridge University education experts are providing free resources and sharing tips to help make the most of home-schooling. 

3. A guide to help older people stay well in lockdown – The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester has collaborated with the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub to produce a guide to help older people stay well at home. 

The guide includes advice on keeping active, staying psychologically well and a list of helpful phone numbers for services in the Manchester area and national helplines. 

4. Essex University hold webinars to help students and staff stay well during the lockdown 

Essex University is holding webinars to help its community stay healthy during the lockdown. 

Weekly webinars include mindfulness sessions, online yoga and classes to maintain a healthy back. 

5. Oxford University launches study into teenagers’ mental health during the pandemic

Researchers aim to find out what helps or hinders the mental health of teenagers during the COVID-19 crisis. 

The study will help scientists better understand how teenagers can be supported should a similar crisis arise in the future. 

6. Leeds University alumna raises £5million for NHS charities with 5K Run for Heroes

Olivia Strong, Leeds University graduate, created the 5K Run for Heroes challenge. Participants run 5K, donate £5 and nominate five friends to do the same. 

The campaign has surpassed its goal of £5,000 to raise £5million for NHS Charities Together..  

7. King’s College London leads COVID-19 blood plasma trial

Blood plasma donations from patients who have recovered from COVID-19 is being tested as a treatment on patients severely ill with coronavirus. 

The ‘convalescent plasma’ is transfused into COVID-19 patients to help them fight off the virus. 

8. The University of Nottingham produce face shields for healthcare workers 

University of Nottingham engineers have designed a face shield to protect healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Production is underway on-site at the university with a target to produce 5,000 over the next two weeks. 

9. Leeds University provides support for vulnerable students during the pandemic

The Leeds University community have set up various programmes and initiatives to help support students during the COVID-19 crisis. 

As well as a fund to cover urgent financial costs, the university is providing support and guidance to vulnerable students.

10. Northumbria University help get Personal Protective Equipment to the frontline

Northumbria University have combined their expertise with Newcastle University and Sunderland University to create a new PPE visor. 

It is estimated that using the new design, up to 2,000 visors could be made per hour. 

11. Bangor University trains 170 extra intensive care nursing staff

A fast-track course supported by Bangor University’s School of Health Sciences, has upskilled 170 nursing staff to work in critical care units across North Wales. 

The course was created in response to an appeal made by Chief Executive of NHS Wales, Dr Andrew Goodall for extra staff to be trained up to work in intensive care units 

12. Ravensbourne University London creates ‘ear savers’ for the NHS  

Ravensbourne University London designed, donated and delivered 1,200 ‘ear savers’ to Lewisham and Greenwich NHS.

The ‘ear savers’ clip onto the straps of protective masks to make them more comfortable for healthcare workers to wear. 

13. Student nurses and midwives join the NHS frontline – University of the West of Scotland 

Around 1,200 students in their second and third years of medical studies have volunteered to work in NHS hospitals and for care providers across Scotland.

14. The University of Nottingham helps protects scientists testing for COVID-19

The University of Nottingham is providing the government with essential safety cabinets to protect scientists testing samples for COVID-19.

The cabinets are thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated with hydrogen peroxide gas by specialist technicians and clinicians before being made available for use. 

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