Social media round-up Friday 1st May – Home testing, home PPE production, and home theatre…

Theatre seats

1. City, University of London alumni deliver PPE to charities and NHS organisations

City, University of London alumni Manoj Varsani and Marco Ferrari founded SOS Supplies to deliver essential PPE to NHS organisations and charities on the frontline of the coronavirus response. 

The SOS Supplies team have provided more than 100 organisations with over 400,000 items of PPE so far. 

2. Lecturer converts study into PPE production line for frontline workers – Ulster University 

Dr Aaron McConville, Lecturer in Electronic Engineering at Ulster University, is using his skillset and homemade 3D printers to create protective face shields in his home study. 

Aaron has produced over 1000 face shields so far for care homes, hospitals and hospices in Northern Ireland and England. 

3. The Open University trains Cardiff teachers in distance learning 

Cardiff Council has partnered with the Open University to develop innovative training to support teachers providing education and learning to young people remotely. 

The training will be delivered via an online seminar and aims to equip teachers with ways to approach and deliver the best learning outcomes for pupils.

4. COVID-19 home testing programme led by Imperial College London

Scientists at Imperial College London are leading the COVID-19 home testing programme commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care to track the progress of the infection across England. 

It will help improve understanding of the number of people currently infected with the virus, and potentially, those who have been infected and subsequently recovered. 

5. Staff and volunteers at the University of Lincoln sew scrubs for healthcare workers

The University of Lincoln has joined the effort to produce essential PPE for frontline healthcare workers.

So far, a team of staff and volunteers have produced 290 sets of scrubs for healthcare professionals. 

6. University of Sheffield is keeping the student community spirit alive in lockdown

University of Sheffield recognises the importance of maintaining their community in a time of isolation and social distancing. 

Despite the lockdown, student societies are thriving at Sheffield University. 

7. Research identifies black and ethnic minority patients have poorer COVID-19 outcomes – Imperial College London

Imperial College London conducted vital research into the main risk factors associated with deaths in patients admitted to hospital for COVID-19. 

Findings show that patients of black and ethnic minority groups had a higher mortality rate than those of white ethnicity. 

8. University of Central Lancashire technicians make essential hand sanitiser

Technicians at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) are making hand sanitiser to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

There are plans to supply the 60 litres produced so far to care homes, the university’s patient recovery centre and to UCLan’s students and staff. 

9. Patients able to keep in touch with families via iPads donated by the University of Derby

The University of Derby has donated 25 iPads to Chesterfield Royal Hospital to help inpatients stay in touch with loved ones whilst visiting restrictions are in place.

Hospital staff will configure the devices to so patients can connect with their friends and families on a variety of apps including Zoom, Facetime and Microsoft Teams. 

10. The University of Newcastle provides support to refugees and asylum seekers

A student-run volunteer group at Newcastle University, North East Solidarity and Teaching (N.E.S.T), has moved their service online since the COVID-19 lockdown.

They continue to provide support to over 400 asylum seekers and refugees in the area.  

11. A video of thanks from the University of East Anglia

From the staff working on the NHS frontline to everyone staying at home, we all have a part to play in the fight against COVID-19.

The Univerisity of East Anglia has created a video acknowledging the contributions everyone is making to tackle the pandemic. 

12. Keele University student collects essential toiletries for vulnerable people 

Victoria Black, a final year Children’s Nursing student at Keel University, set up The Keele Beauty Bank in 2018 to help vulnerable people in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent. 

The initiative has received 900 donations in the last week in response to the coronavirus outbreak. 

13. Research finds children’s views are not being heard on COVID-19 – University of Central Lancashire

The study, led by the University of Central Lancashire analysed accounts of current practices from children’s rights and participation professionals.

Findings showed that 70 per cent of those surveyed shared that children’s perspectives on COVID-19 were not explored. 

14. Watch theatre performances online – Manchester School of Theatre 

Many theatres have turned to broadcasting performances online since the coronavirus pandemic forced theatres to close their doors. 

According to Manchester Theatre School, watching a theatre production online is a very different experience to passively watching TV and boxsets. 

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