Social media round-up: volunteers make PPE, medical students join the NHS frontline, a study into the effects of lockdown, and more…

Supporting the NHS

As the pandemic continues to present challenges, UK universities and colleges continue to work to find solutions. 

Here are some of the projects and initiatives shared on social media over the last 24 hours. 

1. Staff and student volunteers make visors for NHS frontline workers – Middlesex University

A small team at Middlesex University are making thousands of protective visors every week to help make up the shortfall of essential PPE for frontline workers. 

So far they’ve produced over 30,000 visors using the university’s 3D laser printers to create the headband and the team of volunteers to attach a plastic shield. 

2. The University of Hull is creating a valuable research archive of staff and student COVID-19 stories 

Researchers of the future will have an archive of invaluable resources thanks to an initiative underway at the University of Hull.

The information collated in the COVID-19 Experience Archive will enable researchers to reflect and learn from the changes experienced by the university community during the pandemic. 

3. Understanding the impact of coronavirus on the tech industry – Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University faculty member, Dr Carl Driver, assesses the impact of coronavirus on the tech industry, and its impact on the behaviour of individuals and businesses.

4. Imperial College London launch research study into breast milk of COVID-19 mothers

Scientists aim to learn if mothers who have contracted COVID-19 pass antibodies against the virus into breast milk.  

This information could be used to help protect or to develop a therapy against coronavirus. 

5. Former Head of Department for Nursing returns to the NHS frontline – University of Hertfordshire 

Michele Charles is using her nursing and management experience to help support the NHS during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Recruited as part of the newly established Covid Response Unit, Michele is providing remote support to nurses in call centres as well as clinical supervision.  

6. Local businesses show their support for University of Bath engineers and technicians making PPE for the NHS

University of Bath engineers and technicians are working hard to make PPE for NHS frontline workers. 

To support their efforts, local businesses donated some delicious treats to keep them going!

7. Undergraduate nursing students volunteer to join the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 – Staffordshire University

Putting their training to the test, Staffordshire University undergraduate nursing students have volunteered to work with the medical team at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. 


8. 1.5 million people have shared their data with the COVID Symptom Tracker app – King’s College London 

The COVID Symptom Tracker is being used by scientists to study the symptoms of COVID-19 and to track how the virus spreads. 

1.5 million people have shared their data so far to support the project led by Dr Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London.

9. Kingston University staff support students remotely 

Kingston University staff share messages of support and solidarity with students. Despite the lockdown, staff are still available to help students working remotely. 

10. Designers at the Royal College of Art are helping solve COVID-19 challenges

Working to increase the speed of testing, co-designing a new ventilator and providing more support for end-of-life-care projects, RCA designers are working very hard to solve coronavirus challenges. 

11. Nottingham Trent University student makes PPE at home 

Fashion student, Hannah Bond, is helping support NHS staff working on the frontline by creating protective scrub hats at home. 

12. Cardiff University medical students join the Welsh NHS on the frontline

Over 1,000 students at Cardiff University have volunteered to support the Welsh NHS. 

Many are working in COVID-19 wards, while others are in general practice and providing medical education. 

13. Security staff raise money to buy meal vouchers for NHS staff – Aberystwyth University

As NHS professionals confront the impact of COVID-19 on the frontline, security staff at Aberystwyth University show their support by fundraising to buy £130 of meal vouchers for local NHS staff.

14. The University of West Scotland leads a study into the effects of lockdown

The physical and psychological consequences of social distancing and isolation imposed by the COVID-19 lockdown are as yet unknown. 

The Scottish Government is funding the study to learn how to provide more tailored support to individuals and organisations. 

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