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COVID-19, lockdown, global pandemic. Our newsfeeds were (and are still) packed with stories about how coronavirus is impacting the world. 

Some, frankly terrifying, others hopeful and full of promise. Then we started to notice something: UK universities were often at the heart of many of the positive and inspiring stories we were reading.

Be it modelling the potential impact of the virus and advising government and businesses on how to respond. Or undertaking the research and innovation to produce a vaccine, and beginning human vaccine trials. 

But not just that, also the way the sector provided 1000s of medical students to help the NHS, lending vital equipment and even turning teaching labs into factories for hand sanitiser and 3D printing medical visors.

Hundreds of people and institutions within the higher education sector; students, academics, and staff have responded to the crisis with offers of help, support, and expertise. 

Universities won’t just be the source of a vaccine and medical solutions, they will also be vital in tackling the psychological, economic, and educational fall out from the pandemic. They are already providing support across all three areas. 

We wanted somewhere that would gather all of these stories together in one place. To create a hub that collates the expertise, that shows the human responses, and the innovation of the higher education sector. 

The site is a work in progress and will develop in time as we add more content. If you have a story to share, an idea for the site, or some feedback please get in touch here, or via twitter

Our aim is to champion the work of the higher education sector and to share with as wide an audience as possible. As well as becoming a long-term resource and archive.

James & Trina. 

“We’re delighted that ViralStories.co.uk has been developed to amplify and act as an archive of the great work that the sector is undertaking.

We look forward to seeing the website develop and reflect the contribution of the Higher Education sector to the national effort.”

Alistair Jarvis, chief executive, Universities UK

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