The University of Greenwich offering NHS training to ease hospital burden

Deserted London Streets due to COVID-19 Lockdown

District nurses and former NHS staff returning to help in the COVID-19 crisis will undergo additional training and up-skilling at the University of Greenwich.

Three-day sessions start today (Wednesday 1 April) to help enhance the skills of district nurses so they can support patients in the community and avoid hospital attendance.

Lee Jagodzinski, from the university’s Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences, says: “Enabling community nurses to keep vulnerable patients at home protects the patient, which in turn helps keep hospital resources and capacity ready for the expected surge in the next few weeks.

“This week’s sessions will be in taking blood samples and inserting intravenous drips. Moving forward training will include basic life support, resuscitation, and mental health.

“Initially we’re working with Bromley Healthcare but we’ll be looking to help as many trusts as possible. Because of the nature of Covid-19, we need to keep it to small groups of up to 10, with our academics teaching the sessions.”

The university is also designing a new simulation facility, which will recreate three five-bed wards, with simulated oxygen and suction. There will also be three clinical skills spaces and three consultation rooms where the sessions will be delivered, with the new facilities due to open in late July.

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