Using social and behavioural science to manage life during COVID-19 – University of Kent

An international team including psychologists from Kent has addressed ways to manage different aspects of life under the spread of COVID-19. In a paper published by Nature Human Behaviour, Karen Douglas, Professor of Social Psychology at Kent, considers how we can globally combat conspiracy theories, while Dr Aleksandra Cichocka, Senior Lecturer in Political Psychology, examines […]

Being male or overweight can lead to more serious COVID-19 hospital admissions – University of Liverpool

New UK research has found that being male or obese reduces chance of survival from severe coronavirus disease (COVID-19). According to the Department of Health COVID-19 can be more severe in older people and people with chronic heart, lung, and kidney disease, a weakened immune system, diabetes, and some cancers. However, less is known about […]

Rubbish piling up: the environmental impact of the COVID-19 shutdown – University of Southampton

Analysis by Professor Ian Williams and Anne Stringfellow from the University of Southampton and Keiron Roberts from the University of Portsmouth has highlighted the enormous impact of the COVID19 lockdown measures on waste management in the UK. Their analysis shows that with almost all household waste recycling centres closed, and the big increase in home […]

Children’s voices are not being heard during COVID-19 outbreak – University of Central Lancashire

Evidence from children’s rights and participation professionals shows inequalities across 20 countries in Europe New research carried out across 20 countries in Europe shows that children are consistently reporting difficulties related to COVID-19, including mental health and wellbeing problems, information shortages, problems accessing education or digital technology, and a lack of basic essentials. The research […]

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