Cambridge to spearhead £20million alliance to map spread of COVID-19 coronavirus – University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is to take a leading role in a major national effort to help understand and control the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) announced today by the Government and the UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser. Through a £20 million investment administered by the University, the COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium – comprised of the NHS, […]

Psychologists study mental health and social impacts of COVID-19 – University of Sheffield & Ulster University

Psychologists at the University of Sheffield have launched a study of the mental health and social impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic to understand how they affect the mental health and behaviour of UK citizens.A team of experts, led by Professor Richard Bentall at the University of Sheffield, are surveying 2,000 people in the UK now, […]

Esports is fighting Coronavirus with computing power – University of Roehampton

Roehampton’s Esports Arena boasts 20 powerful gaming machines for our students to use both for relaxing and for competitive gaming, but even in normal times there’s a lot of processing power going unused. That’s why our esports team has joined the Folding@home project to help with research into SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Folding@Home […]

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