Learning hub launched to help schools and families through pandemic – Edge Hill University

Schools, families and key partners will be helped through the COVID-19 pandemic by Edge Hill University’s new virtual learning hub.

The Faculty of Education has created the new service to bring together a range of resources to support new ways of learning in these uncertain times.

The resources support the whole educational journey – with lots of fun and creativity thrown in: topics cover everything from key subject areas such as English and Maths to sessions on art, music, physical activities and even online games, as well as offering plenty of wellbeing activity ideas.

The Links to Learning hub is a work in progress and will be developed further over the coming weeks.

Dr Helen O’Keeffe, Associate Dean for Faculty of Education, said: “Our overwhelming priority is to support students and teachers during this time of uncertainty.

“Young people have put in huge amounts of work to progress in an educational setting and we want to do all that we can to ensure they can continue to learn and develop in a way that is right for them as an individual in this new context.

“There are so many resources out there and we have been told the volume can seem overwhelming. We have curated some of the huge numbers of resources available and pulled them together for ease of navigation.

“Wherever they are from, we are offering them in the spirit of supporting learning in lots of different ways. These are not recommendations, just suggestions, and users will be best-placed to select what works for them.

“We want to reassure our schools, partners and communities that even though learning for the majority can’t continue in the classroom or in person, we are continuing to work hard to ensure you have the resources and tools you need to support learning from the home.”


Content retrieved from: https://www.edgehill.ac.uk/news/2020/03/learning-hub-launched-to-help-schools-and-families-through-pandemic/.

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